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University of Manchester XXI Club

74th Dinner - 2006


74th Annual XXI Club Dinner

28th October 2006
Chancellor's, Fallowfield

Elections to the Club

Annual Elections

Nicola Bird, Athletics
Lisa Blackburn, Trampoline
Richard Chambers, Boat
Stuart Grant, Cricket
Rosalind Griffiths, Waterpolo
Hassan Khan, Cricket
Tom Lord, Volleyball
Andy Magro, Hockey
Alice McAdie, Boat
Simon Milnes, Trampoline
Vincent O'Hara, Shotokan Karate
David Proud, Swimming
Elaine Radcliffe, Lacrosse
Chirag Shah, Squash
Christopher Sidebottom, Korfball

Service Excellence

Brigit Cooke, Rugby Union
Jenny Freed, Trampoline
Daisy Gladstone, Boat
Louise Gregory, Ski & Snowboard
Craig Hughes, Rugby Union
Shaden Jeradat, Karate
Jamie Lowe, Boat
Nick Marriage, Trampoline
James Winfield, Badminton

Special Elections

Mark Palios, Football

Athletic Union Chair

Mark Thompson, Rugby Union & Cricket



Fresher's Cup - Lisa Blackburn, Trampoline
Jack Smith Cup - Elaine Radcliffe, Lacrosse & Simon Milnes, Trampoline
Jubilee Cup - Women's Swimming

Election of Officers to the Committee

President: Zara Hyde Peters
Chairman: Bill Littlejohn
Hon Treasurer: Roger Horsfield
Hon Secretary: Kinloch Magowan  
Keeper of the Records: Bill Littlejohn
Newsletter Editor: Chris Paul
Committee Members: Brian Solomon, Helen Fairclough

Chairman's Report from AGM

Unfortunately the Chairman, Peter Nield, was not able to attend the meeting.  In his absence, Chris Paul explained that it has been a difficult year for the Club with a lack of progress in many areas.  Peter Nield and Helen Fairclough are stepping down from their roles on the Committee and therefore at this AGM the Club needs to elect new committee members and encourage more people to get involved in making the arrangements for the 75th Anniversary Dinner.