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University of Manchester XXI Club

78th Dinner - 2010


78th Annual XXI Club Dinner

13th November 2010
Weston Building, University of Manchester

Elections to the Club

Annual Elections

Jessica Taylor, Athletics
Lucy Flaherty, Boat
Funto Lordstown-Osifuwa, Boxing
James O’Sullivan, Boxing
Nick Clayton, Cue Sports
Anna Buick, Cycling
Greg St Clair Jones, Fencing
Robert Lloyd, Football
Catherine Savage, Hockey
Kieran Mulholland, Hockey
Nick Little, Hockey
Rebecca McGuiness, Hockey
Kyriakos Solomou, Karate
Steph McNally, Swimming
Chris Joyce, Swimming
Robert Hodel, Tennis
Andy Drugan, Water Polo
Conor Quinn, Water Polo
Josh Smith, Water Polo
Oli Lee, Water Polo
Will Middleton, Water Polo

Service Excellence

Joe Banns, Swimming
Llinos Brown, Cycling
Andy Cowan, Swimming
Phoenix Chow, Football
Holly Dudeney, Boat
Jess Ellis, Korfball
Maddy Herbert, Trampoline
Kate Hodgkinson, Boat
Christian Kirk, Football
Maria Long, Netball
Sophie Ridsdale, Fencing
Reuben Roy, Boxing
Tom Slater, Lacrosse
Harriet Stephenson, Lacrosse
Maria Thorpe, Mountaineering
Dennis Towers, Boat
Tom Webster, Rugby Union
Laura Whiteley, Water Polo
Henry Zimmerman, Golf

Athletic Union Chair

Agi Duhig



Fresher's Cup
Jack Smith Cup
Jubilee Cup
The Club Award

Election of Officers to the Committee

President: Bill Shackcloth 
Chairman: Helen Fairclough
Hon Treasurer: Roger Horsfield
Hon Secretary: Kinlock Magowan
Keeper of the Records: Bill Littljohn
Newsletter Editor: Chris Paul
Committee Members: Agi Duhig, Brian Solomon, Danny Herman, Hamish McInnes, Shaden Jaradat, Tom Thatcher

Chairman's Report from AGM