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University of Manchester XXI Club

84th Dinner - 2016


84rd Annual XXI Club Dinner

12th November 2016
Chancellors Hotel, Manchester

Elections to the Club

Annual Elections

Grace Whitaker, Cycling
David Brierley, Karate
Nia Jenkins, Ski
Phoebe Roth, Ski
Rachel Symons, Ski
Jack Nichols, Snowboard
Kat Pye, Snowboard
Catherine Finlayson, Squash
Li Hui Huang, Squash
Mike Pingerra, Squash
Eliska Siruckova, Squash
Amy Stenner, Squash
Flora Teng, Squash

Athletic Union Chair

Marisa Galea

Special Elections

Ian Braid, CEO of British Athletes Commission
Steve Pullen MBE, Olympic & Paralypic Judo Coach

Service Excellence

Torin Cannings, Cycling
Will Carter, Rugby
Gareth Clarke, Cycling
Felipe Fabian, Basketball
Alex Fearn, Hockey
Adam Friswell, Hockey
Adelaide Harris, Rugby
Richard Lawler, Squash
Corah Lewis, Netball
Jojo Madden, Netball
Shashank Malani, Squash
Ed Matthews, Rugby
Toby Mitchell-Innes, Tennis
Ella Podmore, Netball
Sam Purkiss, American Football
Frans Smit, Rugby
George Warburton, Ski
Hannah Watts, Gymnastics
Rachel White, Hockey


Natalia Cohen

Natalia Cohen is a team member of Coxless Crew, a team that became the first fours boat to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean from America to Australia. Her ‘real world’ job is in the travel industry – with 15 years’ experience of living and working in over 60 countries and includes adventure tour leading, operations management, teaching / training, volunteer and project coordination as well as working within the Super Yacht industry and eco-lodge management, running a remote safari lodge in East Africa. She arrived in Australia in January 2016 alongside team mates Laura Penhaul, Emma Mitchell and Meg Dyos (who rowed the final leg, whilst Izzy Burham and Lizanne Van Vuuren rowed the first and second legs respectively).



Jack Smith Cup - Peter Speight, Ski and Snowboard and Rachel Baraona, Cycling
Jubilee Cup - American Football
Freshers Cup - Laura Birley, Equestrian
Ron Unsworth Award - Frans Smit, Men’s Rugby

Election of Officers to the Committee

President: Rowena Birch
Vice-President: Mark Palios
Chairman: Helen Fairclough
Hon Treasurer: Roger Horsfield
Keeper of the Records: Paul Gallagher
Newsletter Editor: Chris Paul
Committee Members: Marisa Galea, Andrew Cowan, Brian Solomon, Danny Herman, Fabienne Johnson, Hamish McInnes, Jemima Killick, Nuria Bonet, Shaden Jaradat, Tom Thatcher, James Hickman

Chairman's Report from AGM